Automations for sliding gates

Dynamos XL 2500 inverter

Automation for sliding gates up to 2500 kg

QUICK AND ROBUST: Three-phase motor with inverter piloted by a 230V control unit: maximum power and reliability ideal for industrial and commercial applications.
Adjustable accelerations and decelerations, adjustable running speed and deceleration for maximum safety in all conditions.
Dynamic torque management during all phases of the opening / closing cycle. Slow start (programmable starting ramp). Die-cast aluminum base with polyester paint and ABS plastics with anti-UVA treatments
make it resistant to atmospheric agents.

PRECISION AND PERFORMANCE: Precise and safe operation with encoder. Obstacle detection. Self-learning of working times. Magnetic limit switches precise and reliable over time.

ADVANCED DIGITAL ELECTRONICS: New digital electronics for smoother automation control in terms of safety, duration and speed of installation.
Programming via 3 buttons and display. Plug-in connector for MR2-K modular radio receiver. Synchronized operation of two motors with SYNCRO module.
2 photocell inputs with self-test function. 2 inputs sensitive mechanical or resistive safety edges. Courtesy light output.



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ModelCodeMotorGate max weight
DYNAMOSXL2500I23E029Three-phase2500 kg

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Dynamos XL 2500 inverter