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Electronics for one or two 24 Vdc and 230 Vac motors

1 control unit 24 Vdc and 1 control unit 230 Vac, for all gate motors.
STARG8 control units radically simplify the installer’s job, guaranteeing high levels of performance in terms of safety, time and speed.
A single programming method speeds up the activation of the automatic devices and managing maintenance operations becomes simple and practical.
Practical regulation using trimmers, self-learning gate travel programming using a single method, diagnostic LEDs and dip-switches for setting operating modes. Plastic cover with explanatory labels and spare fuses.
Management of slow-down options, speed regulation and obstacle control in all versions.

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STARG8 24 BOX12S046Control unit for 24 Vdc motors, plastic box and 150 VA transformer included
STARG8 24 BOX XL 12S050Control unit for 24 Vdc motors, plastic box and 250 VA toroidal transformer included
STARG8 AC BOX 12S054Control unit for 230 Vac motors, plastic box and 40 VA transformer included

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