Novo Led Plus

Wall mounted flashing light

Novo led plus is KINGgates’ NOVO line wall flashing light programmable from KINGgates control units.
It can be powered in a “oscillating” or “continuous” mode so that it can be used as a flashing light or courtesy light.
The Led technology guarantees intensity, low consumption and long life. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, Novo led plus is the ideal flashing light for garage door and residential gate use. The compact size and the metal case protection make this original product perfect for all environments.
Like all Novo product line you can install Novo led plus with the recess box 503. Practical and original is the direct installation on the overhead door frame. The metal cover makes a shock-resistant product, while the integrated aerial avoids vandalism and enhances the radio transmitter range.

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Novo Led Plus24 V lamp, LED technology with integrated aerial

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Novo Led Plus