Automations for swing gates

Jet XL

Automation for swing gates with leaves up to 6 m - 750 kg

STRONG MECHANICAL TRANSMISSION: Made of steel and bronze, for the utmost duration and reliability

BRONZE SCREW CONVEYOR: For maximum quietness and durability

MANUAL-RELEASE HANDLE: Is made of die cast aluminium with personalized key

CONNECTION: Ample connection compartment positioned in the upper section of the motor

  • 24v
  • 230v
  • clavis
  • specialist
  • starg8

Jetxl Datasheet

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Model CodeDescription
Jet XL 230JETXL230230 Vac - Wing max dimensions 6 m - 750 kg
Jet XL 24JETXL2424 Vdc - Wing max dimensions 6 m - 750 kg

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Jet XL