Automations for sliding gates


Automation for sliding gates up to 1000 kg

PRECISE AND SILENT MECHANICS, ROBUST STRUCTURE: Durable die-cast aluminum structure, designed to last over time

BUILT-IN CONTROL UNIT: The STARG8 control unit, with integrated receiver, guarantees maximum performance

DYNAMOS TWIN: Dynamos Twin is the kit solution for automating double-leaf sliding systems.

  • 24v
  • 230v
  • battery
  • clavis
  • eco
  • led
  • specialist
  • starg8


Models Click here to show

ModelCodeDescription Control Unit
Dynamos 100023S004230 Vac - Gate max weight 1000KgSTARG8 AC
Dynamos 24/40023S05324 Vdc- Gate max weight 400KgSTARG8 24
Dynamos 24/600F23S05424 Vdc- Gate max weight 600KgSTARG8 24
Dynamos 24/100023S05524 Vdc- Gate max weight 1000KgSTARG8 24

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