Automations for sliding gates


Automation for sliding gates up to 1000 kg

Reliability and safety are at the base of the mechanical components: produced with sturdy materials, they turn on large ball bearings that are attached to die-cast aluminium housings. The endless screw is made of rolled steel and the internal gear has involute teeth. This special construction construction increases significantly the gears life by decreasing their friction. The result: quiet movement, high performance, no wear.

Dynamos Twin is the kit solution for sliding gate installation with double wings.
Two operators, one with control unit for a perfect synchronization of the motors and accessories.

STARG8 control units radically simplify the installer’s job, guaranteeing high levels of performance in terms of safety, time and speed of installation. A single programming method speeds up the activation of the automatic devices and managing maintenance operations becomes simple and practical.

  • 24v
  • 230v
  • clavis
  • specialist
  • starg8

Models Click here to show

ModelCodeDescription Control Unit
Dynamos 500DYN230/500230 Vac - Gate max weight 500KgSTARG8 AC
Dynamos 1000DYN230/1000230 Vac - Gate max weight 1000KgSTARG8 AC
Dynamos 24/400DYN24/40024 Vdc- Gate max weight 400KgSTARG8 24
Dynamos 24/600FDYN24/600F24 Vdc- Gate max weight 600KgSTARG8 24
Dynamos 24/1000DYN24/100024 Vdc- Gate max weight 1000KgSTARG8 24

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